Some Notes on Floating Bridge Systems


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Floating bridges are very hard to keep in tune. Here are some tips relevant to floating systems:

1. After installing new strings, and you´ve stretched the strings, do a few dive bombs on the tremolo to even out the string tension.

2. Install a locking nut in place of a normal bone nut. A lot of the trouble is that when you use the tremolo, the strings catch on the nut, therefore causing tuning problems.

3. For serious dive bombers, a double locking system is recommended.

4. Make sure that you have enough springs to counter act the string tension for whatever gauge of string you use.

5. Use locking tuners, Sperzel make them. What they do is to keep the same string tension on the strings when you use your whammy bar. On normal tuners, when you use your whammy, the string will slip around the tuner due to less tension. When you release the whammy, the string will be sharp. Locking tuners will help to prevent that.