Some distortion & overdrive pedals for sale.


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Hi, I got some pedals for sale as follows:

1 brand new condition Blackstar HT drive in box with manual, sticker etc etc etc also for sale @ S$ 150 only.

1 BOSS HM-3 Hyper Metal pedal, minimal used condition, no box or manual for sale @ S$ 180.

1 BOSS OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion pedal, brand new condition, no box or manual for sale @ S$ 100.

Contact/whatsapp 96775914 to deal.

Few weeks back Planeair PMed with an interest to purchase BOSS HyperMetal HN-3 posted on this thread.

His email is Goes by the name of Jason N. Says he's in USA but he can pay via bank transfer and like it to send to KL where by some female family member will bring it over for him to USA.

Quoted item and postage and indicated that it will be sent by registered mail to KL once my bank received his transfer with all remittance charges due to him.

Then he emailed me a phony Citibank remittance statement and induced me to mail out the effect.

I reiterate that upon my bank received his funds the effect will be mailed out to him.

Then he claimed payment made via Citibank and want me to mail it out. I reiterated again that no funds received by my bank no mailing of effects. Suggested he go double check with Citibank.

So if planeair.... or Jason N PM you all to buy stuffs please take necessary anti scammer protocols with Oedipus like such.

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim soft folks. Peace.