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My snare has this buzzing sound below everytime i hit a tom. Anyone knows how to get rid of the sound?
Learn to love it man!!! That is an inate characteristic of the drumset. Trying to eliminate completely will affect the sound of the drum. I tend to tighten up my snare wire pretty tight as well as the bottom head. That seems to minimize it a bit.

Trust me even the electronic drums companies are starting to add "snare buzz" into the tom sounds just to get that "realistic" sound.

Have fun!!
haha i hate that problem. use a clothe and put it in between your snare drum and your snare stand. but, when you release the snare you'll still have snare resonance.
Sympathetic buzzing eh.

Don't use any tissue paper inbetween snare wires and snare reso head or the cloth trick as mentioned above.

Just take some time out to tune your snare properly, but you have to understand that no matter what, as long as your snare is tuned to a similar frequency as another source of sound, there will be sympathetic vibrations.

You can try retuning both sides of the head to see if you can get rid of most of the buzzing. If not, then loosen the tuning lugs at both sides where you have the snare bed. Then tighten the other lugs to compensate for the tension.

But also, since you mention "a tom", I assume it's only one offending tom that is making your snare drum go crazy eh? If that's the case, I would suggest you to tune up or tune down that specific tom.
Hey man, just get your snare tension tight I suppose, that would save you the most effort. But man I love the buzz sometimes. Only my highest tom causes some sympathetic buzzing but I don't mind it at all. It actually makes it sound better, if you know what I mean.
Yeah, that's true actually. Gives the drums a more realistic touch to it. But don't over do with the tightening. That's when you get very little snare response, with barely any sensitivity. Not a good tradeoff to get rid of the buzz, so yeah, like what everyone has mentioned, learn to love it.
Actually, IMO, this is like the unpleasant overtones we sometimes hear in a cymbal. Alone it sounds like crap, with a kit - slightly better.

Can be reduced with careful tuning if it really bugs you when you're practising. I reckon most of it will disappear under the sounds of a band.