Slipknot Unmasked. All of them in one picture

They did

There was once I was searching for videos and out came a clip of their soundcheck and there they were... in their birthday face suits. No kid!! But I suppose you will be asking me.. how do u know if its them maybe its the techies... could be... but then again... who knows....? Whoo hoo

I had a video of Corey unmasking in private, but lost it while formatting my com. Maybe ill go Kazaa & check it out again.
Can easily see Corey's face in his side band Stone Sour right? Can also see Joey's face in his side band Murderdolls, although he has heavy makeup in that band so it doesn't count lol.
The only surprise that I find when I saw all of them unmasked is Chris. You know, the percussionist with the long nose. Well, I didn't expect him to look like that. I sort of expected him to be bald. Turns out he has long hair and a beard.
Have you seen Corey when he was younger though? In Slipknot's Unmasked DVD, there's a lil' snippit of a picture from when he was younger. Effin' hot man! Top stuff.
When I saw Joey unmasked in the link Itachi put up, I thought Joey doesn't really need his mask. All he needs is some face paint and he'll look exactly like his mask already. His facial features look very similar to his mask! lol.
Re: Hmm

neuro182 said:
I had a video of Corey unmasking in private, but lost it while formatting my com. Maybe ill go Kazaa & check it out again.

There wouldn't really be any point in him doing it in "private". You can get his unmasked picture off the Ibanez site, under the artist roster. :?

He was from Stone Sour, and so was Jim Root.
i saw sid unmask pic b4 DJ starscream...

anyone has seen paul and clown unmask pic b4??
I've seen all of them unmasked. Just search around yahoo. But, you can't believe what the net has but it'll do for me.
I have seen all the members of Slipknot unmasked.....I will post all the pics later on....I've even seen Craig....though he looks more like a roadie then a member of the band....has sort of like a crew cut kinda hair....the only thing that makes makes me realised that he's actually Craig when I met the band is the 133 tattoo at the back of his neck....and I think no one realised he was a part of the band in Singapore too.....cause everyone else is busy asking everyone else for autographs and pics except for him.....poor Craig....
ya...but i guess craig just wanna be slient for most of the time...and so thats y theres nt much action from him...