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hi folks,

My name is Sky LAN 天昱

i am a singer-songwriter, music arranger & sound engineer

20 years into my music career and currently i am semi-retired.

2015 , i started jamming and formed bands, and would like to thank all musicians who have been in my band before.

Currently, my mind tells me that I have reached a bottle-neck in my music compositions, though i still have some songs on hand that i would like to find the correct female voice to sing.

Music has been an important part of my spiritual life... it has made me a better person and also allowed me to make many friends from all over Singapore.

My forte has been in Mando pop.

If you have any questions regarding singing, song composition, music arrangement or mixing, you may email me at

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25 Sep 2020

Best Wishes, and may KTV rooms reopen soon!
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