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Has anyone had a luthier work on their guitar before and found their work to be reliable?

I need some work done on an guitar and I'd like to bring it to someone whose work is recommended.

Any info is appreciated.

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Hi Mark,

It's me again, if you want, I know kelvin of guitar workshop quite well. In SG, I guess he'd be about as good as they come. I can reccomend him to you.

What you need fix??

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Thanks. I'll let you know when I'm ready to send my guitar in.

Nothing to fix actually, moreso, I'm considering the installation of the Buzz Feiten tuning and was looking for a good luthier to do it.


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Guys, do you happen to know any singapore luthiers capable of performing major modifications such as routing, scalloping, and the like? Seems to me most are doing tech stuff like setting up, electronics etc.
There are no qualified luthiers in Singapore as Malcolm is the only one I know of with paper qualiufications and he is based in China now. If you want to contact him to arrange soemthing on his trips back to Singapore, go to the bassplayers forum on Delphi.

I can do basic woodworking such as routing/crack/bridge repair and fretting, so if you can contact me at I may be able to help you out.


Qualification paper is only good for employment.

I'd rather trust a well known experienced and responsible craftsman, with proper references, for any important job. Paper means nothing to me when I'm a consumer.

Maybe it's beacuse I work that way too....heehee