similarity between Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg....


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i believe peter jackson is the sucessor for steven spielberg ... both of them make great movies .... just watched the making of king kong ...fascinated by the props and effects ... will be watching it when it is launch on the 14 Dec 2005. Another great movie after LOTR 1,2,3 ...
The difference is too many good movies may make you end up directing crap like AI. So Peter jackson's days of good directing might end soon ..
i feel that the both of them have different approaches to make a good movie.

for peter jackson he tend use scenes that look 'epic' or 'overwhelming' like the battle scenes in LOTR, and he also mixes the softer parts of the show altogether very well.

as for spielberg, he is really a talented director cause he has done movies of all kinds, and often does it very well. war shows romance comedy blah blah. i also liked the series 'band of brothers' a lot. but i didnt like his recent shows.. seems to be losing his touch.

i think we still cannot see who is better than who cause jackson is only popular for his LOTR so far eh. but i like them both too :)
I love Quentin Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez's style of directing .... Eventhough their budget like so small compared to spielberg and peter jackson, still damn nice to watch their movies ...