Sharing on basic paradiddles


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Guess bass forum a bit cold compare with others.

Let me try to warm it up a bit and hope it will get spark on.

Just in case some of you wanna learn to do paradiddles on bass. (e.g.RLRRLRLL)

Drummers will be familiar with paradiddles but we bassist can have some fun with it too, produce some percussive sound. Let's go!

T = left hand slap the fret with either middle or fore finger or both fingers
SL = right hand slap the string using ur thumb
P = right hand Pop (either middle or fore finger)

The basic pattern goes like this T SL P SL (LeftRightRightLeft)
Try T SL P SL T SL P SL continously. (practise slow and when can handle go fast - use methrome to stay in time)

Can also try SL T P T (RightLeftLeftRight)

There are many ways but this is just to give you the concept.

Hmm there are better people who can teach lah, me just wanna make this forum more fun and learn from you guys too!


oh wow.. interesting..

been looking for more ways to spice up my playing.. gonna try this first thing tml.

maybe u could tab out a simple exercise?


Didn't wanna tab it out as it will limit your creativity to improvise.
I mentioned it is a concept.
Probably can elaborate a bit.

When you slap with your left hand, you should hear a "ta" sound/percussive sound.

Try doing the pattern that I mention without pressing on note (meaning ghost/mute/choke note)

If the pattern is SL T P T , it will sound nicer than SL T SL T.

Try it and you will know wat i mean. A lot of funk slap stuff is about ghost notes.

Thanks for your interest.


Can also add some notes. Open E or Open A is a good practise. As you get better than get try other notes.
Can try triple.

P SL T continous.

Haf fun!
Hey dudes,

marcus miller is crazy on those kind of percussive slaps. You should hear his latest album the first track called "Intro Duction" has alot of that. Anyway i did something simliar to his and would like to share it with you slappers out there. Enjoy

RIP = right hand index pop
RMP = right hand middle finger pop
RS = right hand slap

RIP on D string, RMP on G string and RS on E string ... so you go something like that in a 4/4 timing

RIP RMP RS RMP. Take it slowly and you'll get used to it after a while. Any questions feel free to ask!
To play on Open string esp D and G string will require some control.
so those interested to try can press on 7 fret on G string than 5 fret on D string and Slap on E string. Sound a bit diff. Hee play ard with it loh.
haha btw i thk MM need his slap guard now..can't do without it...
sound handicap 8)
dudes ... i FORGOT .. i'm so sorry ...

MUTE YOUR STRINGS to get that percussive sound. SORRY DUDESSSS. Forgot to put that down. Just put your hands over the strings ...
tt make more sense.

Can try mute G string, mute D string follow by left hand slap.

Can also do triple


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hee. Do you know why marcus miller dun have instructional video? Read from his website...maybe guess pple like victor wooten are more open.
Check out reggi wooten (teacha) on the guitar. He can do watever victor can do but on his electric guitar.
This is a cool thread... remember when i picked up slapping years ago, I had to stand outside Yamaha music when it was in the old Plaza Singapura and watch the bass instructional videos when they came up cos I din have cash to take lessons then!

Internet is a great tool.

Just my input...

Marcus Miller and the Victor Wooten types and their techniques are wicked...but if you want to try interesting variations of the paradiddles...check out Fieldy with Korn.

He does mainly right hand action.

Goes like

Slap, slap, Knuckles on the muted strings etc.

It can be really fun and its a very easy action cos its the same reflex as popping but instead of popping a string on the reflex after a slap, you knuckle down on the strings to get a percussive note. Furthermore, knuckling down on the thinner strings gets you a sharper attack that rings out.

But watch your EQ or you get very weak sounding shit.

Have fun!