Share your bad experiences on meeting fellow musicians online


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Hi guys,
I would like to share some weirdos and bad experiences i had while looking for band on the forum, do share yours and let's have a good laugh about it..

Hi There,

I;ve been in musician forums for years, and through my experience, it is rather difficult to find suitable players in forum, you will be meeting all sort of funny personal. let me give you a few example and my past experiences.

You will meet strange people of all sort

1) those that arrange a meet up at a studio but cancel the appointment at the very last minute, because they already "dream" of playing in a band

2) those that describe themselve as guitar/bass hero, they can play this and that and all what you have songlist, but turn up at studio with no instrument of their own, and uses House guitar, but will complain that the house guitar is lousy and so they can't play..

3) those that play very well on 1 or two songs, and make you impress, song they normally show you "hotel california and Rock Steady", they will jump into the Lead guitar part (cos this the part they've being practicing since they were baby) and you cannot play your drum too loud, else they will stare at you and expect you to tone down, so they can do Lead solo like the Guitar Hero.

4) those come in unwash shirt, bermuda and slippers, and you will suspect whether they were the rag and bone man, happen to bump into you at the right place, at the right time. This group, wow- you got to be prepared... they will normally stay in the toilet or walk up to buy a drink when it comes to Paying for the Studio time...its actually $16 for an hour, and the poor you are expecting to split among say 4 person, with each coming out with $4.00. However, they will not fail to disappoint you, end up you big time sucker... pay the full $16.00

5) this one is classic.this guy, brag that he can play this and that, perform at pub, do endless gigs and super experience in music... he showed up, he's botak, he's acted strangely, and yes, thruout the whole jam session, he was playing his guitar closing his eyes and facing the wall and trust me, he was like standing, facing the wall only an inch between himself and the wall. He was the weirdest guy i ever met and sadly, though he closes his eyes and play like he got full of of feeling for the song, but no, he closes his eyes cos he also cant stand what the guitar is producing,.... all trash and rubbish, totally out of key and wrong notes...

so fellow forummer and potential musicians, please give up looking for band here, but a CD or download from the internet the minus track, (if you are a drummer, download the "minus drumtrack song list) and play yourself thy kingdom comes... I have long given up on looking to form a band. and Yes I am a drummer, just a moderate one, neither good nor bad, and I dont play with my eyes close...

Do share your experiences...
Stop your bitching here, r u a man or small girl? There's no absolute right or wrong lah,come on. Every side has their own story, dude. :)
There are worst cases out there, not even talking about musicians, but organizers. This particular organizer(will not be mentioned cause probably everyone already knows) is very notorious for making bands wait.

My band was suppose to perform for one of his gigs, we arrived very early, in fact one of the earliest. The agreement was actually draw lots so we were fine with it. In the end he asked us if we can push back 2 slots for 2 bands. So we were like ok fine go ahead. But he did it the second time and didn't even tell us and that got us pretty pissed off.

But we gave him another chance, but when he did that the last time we had a huge argument. it was way too much on his side. Morever we weren't the only bands waiting to perform, there was still like 2 more bands after us and one of them consisted of 15 year old kids. By that time it was already 11.30pm on a Sunday night and they had school tomorrow.

So we asked for compensations plus all our cash back from the tickets we sold.

This is not a bitching post but just a warning to bands out there that organizers like this do exist. So be wary of the contract you sign and always make sure that you get what you deserve. After all this is for the love of music and not just for making money.
thats so bad,well i want to beware of such, pm me his contacts,do it in gentleman way, :) i got 2 bands going for gigs soon wanna avoid him.
Well, I've certainly had my own bad experience.. not going to go on about it again but my old post is still up so if you are very kaypoh you can search my post history :)

However. I have also met some AWESOME people here on SOFT. Some people became I became great friends with, and some people I became great friends and bandmates with. Don't give up hope, playing at home with CDs/backing tracks is fun, but in my opinion, there's no substitute for playing with real people.

As in life, there are cool people, and there are complete scum bags... It's good to give everybody a chance (once), but if it's bad, drop it and move on.

Good luck :)
Yea might as well also talk about the pros in this. I personally feel this particular production I'm currently closely working is awesome. They are very organized and mature in thier decisions etc. They are called Superdudez Productions. And morever they are cool guys and cocksters as well...If anyone wants to have thier contact i'm sure they'd be more than happy to share it with you guys to widen their popularity. Anyone can PM me if they would like the contact.

Right now they are organizing mini gigs every friday at chapter 6 studios so yall could go down and have a glimpse and support as well..

A promotion feature for them..haha...