Selling lotsa audio goodies


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Hey guys.

Clearing out some of my stuff lying around at home. Gotta clear them by mid this month. So come grab them!

1) Samson Powerstrip PS10
Selling for $50

2) Custom made rack mountable microphone inputs

6 x 3metres microphone inputs. Rack mountable.
Each cable is made using Good Canare Cables.

Selling for $100

3) KRK VXT 6
Excellent condition. Selling because I upgraded.
All knobs in perfect condition

Selling for $700

4) Superlux S241 (Pair)
Really nice sounding small diaphragm condenser microphone. Nice top end. Not excessively bright and thin.
Gold Diaphragm! Much better than RODE NT5s IMO.
Each microphone comes with a silver Pop Filter, Wind Shield, mic holder and hard case.

Selling as a pair for $300

As mentioned I need to clear all these items by the middle of this month, to make way for my new items. So come grab them ASAP!

SMS me at 91885827, I may let go at crazy prices! Just sms me. :)
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