Selling Canon 600D + kit lens


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Equipment Type: DSLR + Kit Lens
Equipment Brand: Canon
Equipment Model: 600D + 18-55mm Kit lens
Price (S$): $600

Rarely used, only when travelling.
Kept in Dry Cabinet when not in use.

Condition of Item: In pristine condition (9.5/10)

Warranty Status: Expired

Everything that comes with Original Packaging
DigiPod Tripod
Steinzeiser 58mm UV Filter (Attached to Lens)
Screen Protector (On Dslr)
1 x 8GB SD Card

Additional Comments:
Please PM contacts if interested.
Deal fast for a better deal :p.
Contactable at Nine617-One624
New Updates:

Throwing in additional
1 x 8Gb SD Card
1 Extra Battery
Canon Messenger Bag

Shutter count is at 7464