Rory Gallagher


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Anyone heard of him? Heard that he's a incredible blues player. Any songs or albums to recomend?
i have a few of his albums, but only left with the BBC Sessions. someone might have borrowed it. he is more of a blues-rocker, not really clean like clapton. i actually love his playing when he uses the slide. which is most of the time when he solos.

i'll highly recommend the BBC Sessions CD. its a 2 CD set with one in Concert, and the other Studio recordings. its recorded in the 70's. all the songs are great for me. if i'm not wrong Buddha Records are re-releasing most of his recordings remastered and with xtra tracks. its documented that his best is the Deuce album, but i dun actuall like it. well imo.
yeah he is great..with that lovely beaten up strat!~ I've read one article in a guitar mag they took apart the start and apparently couldnt put it back cos it was as destroyed as it could be!!~ lol..

oh and yeah..he's also dead :?