roland td6 (drum)


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hi does anbody know abot drum triggers?
im thinkin of makin one of my own..
is a roland td6 a good choice for a drum brain?
Frankly , there is nothing to it in making a drum trigger.

All you need a piezo electric sensors that are maybe 20 pence each or whatever the equivalent is in the US. You could probably find them in SIM LIM. Try Bytetron.

All you do is stick in on a surface and wire it to a drum trigger module or a midi to trigger module.

If you make a cymbal 'trigger' you can use plastic practice cymbals from Pearl and mount some gum rubber on the top. If you are making a drum 'trigger' you could mount it in or over the drum.
making triggers

Making triggers is definitely no rocket science, however it's not easy as it seems. In order to make good triggers rather then passable triggers, alot of experimentation is involved. That includes money. Piezo's are cheap. Unless u aren't like the average joe like me. Go ahead and try making your own. There are many factors to making good triggers.. mind you.. sensitivity, whether the trigger is "hot" or "cold".

Hey.. if you were successful, let me know..
The best we could make i believe are 2 zone triggers.. Its not easy making triggers that turn drumsets into 3 zone pads like what you would observe on the commercial kits such as for example the yamaha.

But.. No doubt! There are many successful cases and many websites on making diy drumsets. But before you go ahead and make your own, please make sure you have a drum trigger..

good luck!

If you need more info.. Contact me
Actually there is little experimentation. My triggers are dual zone and don't have any issues. The sensitivity is in the adjustment of physical pressure; and the reflex is electronically adjusted.

You can strip any D Drum, Pintech or Roland trigger and you will find the primary components to be the same.

Look to the link I will put up with James in Late Jan/Early Feb.
thanks for the replies guys.. in fact i have sucessfully converted my pacific chameleon kit to an ekit with a dm5 and roland td5 module.. sold off the kit and dm5 and got myself a used vclub kit... now im juz looking for drumshells or an old tom/snare for cheap..rrrrr
wanna convert it to a dual zone snare. any tips abt the aquaring of shells or old snares cheap??