SOLD Roland TD-30KV

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This is the toppest end of Roland V-Drums (KV not K) in excellent condition, both the module and hardware.

Selling as per original Roland TD-30KV items as sold by Swee Lee.
Note there is a set to view at Swee Lee - price is $10,499 nett at Swee Lee - it may include optional items. Their website says $9,999 (out of stock).

Drum Sound Module TD-30 x 1
V-Kick KD-140-BC x 1
V-Pad (Snare) PD-128S-BC x 1
V-Pad (TOM1, TOM2) PD-108-BC x 2
V-Pad (TOM3, TOM4) PD-128-BC x 2
V-Hi-Hat VH-13-MG x 1
V-Cymbal Crash CY-14C-MG x 2
V-Cymbal Ride CY-15R-MG x 1
Drum Rack MDS-25 x 1
Extra Trigger Input Jack 4 (AUX1 - AUX4)
User Manual

All of the above for only $7,500 negotiable!!

If you would like the full kit as you see in the photos, these are optional items to buy if you want:

Extra 2 x CY-12C splash cymbals with clamps and cymbal rods.
Extra 1 x PD-108 V-pad with clamp.
Roland CM-220 V-drum satellites and sub-woofer amplifier with speaker stands for the satellites. Blast your kit!!
Hi-hat stand.
Snare stand.
Kick pedal (single).
e-cow bell. make this a complete, awesome and powerful real sounding kit for home, studio, stage, church... up to you!!

Price is definitely negotiable for sincere buyer!!
Hurry, contact Vincent to view, take a test drive and take it home.
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