Rock vocalist wanted


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Hi there,

As stated above, we are looking for someone who is committed and serious about gigging and writing original material together. We are fine with either a male or female vocalist, but would prefer that the person is within the age range of 18-28. We play a lot of 80s and modern rock, and it is preferred (not compulsory) that the candidate has a relatively good vocal range, as well as versatility.

A little background about my band, we have been gigging at a wide range of events since November 2015, and have also emerged 4th in the coliseum jam band competition which was held in December 2015.

Some of the many songs that we are proficient at playing(excluding our originals), include a couple of tunes from older artists such as Bon Jovi, Journey, Van Halen, Scorpions, Bryan Adams, Guns N' Roses, Mr big, Metallica, Europe, Deep purple, foo fighters, and also some songs from more Modern bands such as The Killers and imagine dragons.

I'd dare say that the band has both musical tightness and showmanship, and we have a pretty good reputation among people who have watched us perform. You can check our band, Zero Fall Gravity, and our first gig we had in this link:

Aside from covers, we already have a couple of originals under our belt, and we plan to write even more and center the songs around our next vocalist. Jamming will also be free, and I promise that our practice sessions will be serious, but full of nonsensical fun. I can guarantee the person joining us will have a good time jamming, gigging, and growing with us.

If anyone is interested and think you fit the bill, feel free to whatsapp or SMS me at 84281228, thank you!