Right hand technique: playing the 4th string


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When I play my 3rd (A) string, my fingers play the string then bounce off/hit the 4th (E) string.

But when I play the E-string, there's nothing for my fingers to rest on after striking the string. It's causing some problems. Do you guys know the good way out?
Practice steady alternating of every string with a metronome.

edit: Sorry I meant alternating plucking (right hand) with index and middle fingers.
rest your thumb on the top of the pickup/thumbrest/neck (whatever is comfortable for you) and use that as a "0th string" for your fingers to go to after picking.

here's what I'm talking about


see where her thumb is positioned? When she's picking the last string, her fingers will rest on her thumb.

Hope that was comprehensible :lol:
Totally agree with Visa .. where do you rest your thumb anyway? .. i usually employ a floating technique .. meaning my right hand is movable, sometimes i dont' rest on anything and i just play like that, it's years of practice lah .. =) .. either than that i'd rather rest on the pickups or my low B string (i play a 5er) ..

i typically rest on the pickup for the E and A strings, and the E string for the D and G strings.

Occasionally I might rest on the A string if I'm playing a string of notes on the D and G.

If I'm playing something that's chugging heavy, chunky E string notes (songs like say, Enter Sandman) I sometimes rest my thumb/hand at the top of the body (yeah... I have big hands) because it lets me really thud the notes out. This is even rarer though.
floating thumb

i play a pbass sometimes usually near the bridge. if you're employing floating thumb technique, train yourself to rest your thumb on that imaginary string above the low E. its easier than you think.
thank you everybody!

I rest my thumb on my pickup, and i realise that when i try to play the E-string fast AND hard, my hand moves into the position that woman in the photo has.

It's playing soft and fast on the E-string that's still a problem. I think I'll have to take the hard way out and spend more time on alternating fingers w/metronome.
for thumb resting, my teacher thought me to use:

pickup - E and A
A string - D and G

if you're solely playing on the D, you can rest on the E also. imo, this gives you more flexibility to play across strings , as you dont have to shift your right hand all the time.

dunno if im making sense but i hope i explained it well. :)