Rickenbacker guitars

its basically vintage-sounding guitars (think the beatles). some shops probably have 2nd hand ones like guit connection or guit77
MrMisse has one... you can ask him if you wanna try it out. I think his is a 330 semihollowbody with single coil pickups. Good stuff but not for me...
if you wanna hear how Rickenbacker guitars sound like at their best, run one through a Vox amp, or you can listen to the earlier Beatles records.

Rickenbacker 325 - Jangly, glassy, twangy sound on the few records up to Rubber Soul, when Lennon changed to a Epiphone Casino.

Rickenbacker 360/12 - Bright, piano-like twang. This guitar has stereo outputs. A radio station bought it for George Harrison. although this guitar is famous for its opening chord on A Hard Day's Night, it was first used on You Can't Do That.

i loved the beatles and their guitars =P