rickenbacker bass

I saw one at Guitar connection some months back, going at $1.5 k 2nd hand. Check out the shops at peninsular occasionally , you never know what is in the stores there

yeah it's ex man, but it's REALLY REALLY very good. both in terms of aesthetics and sound. personally, i'm going for one, in the long-run :D
reyrey said:
*sigh* no shop in singapore want to be rickenbacker's dealer,its too ex i guess :cry:

if i m not mistaken , guitar77 does bring in rickenbackers but must be ordered.
Guitar 77 does not bring in Rickenbackers, the last one there was a delicious 1979 4001 rickie that someone put on consignment. Melvin is currently selling a 1974 4001 mapleglo rickie which is just as delicious. Check it out.