Rhythm Guitarist Looking to Join any Cover Band


New member
Hello all,

I am Singaporean Chinese 37 years old male, and I’m just a mediocre guitarist getting old, bored, and looking for a band to socialize & play cover music with.

I’ve been a room player since the start and playing the guitar on/off for about 20 years, but make no mistake, my skill is still at monkey level.

Probably more suitable to be a rhythm guitarist, unless you want to hear chicken screeching on a guitar.

I mostly play Metallica, Guns & Roses, Iron Maiden, David Gilmour, Paul Gilbert etc, but open to play all kinds of music.

Hit me up @kennng telegram.
Hey there,

I'm also a bedroom musician, and a noob level at best. Been looking for members to jam something with, nothing serious.

You may check on my YouTube channel for the stuff I cover (badly), if you're interested.

Have a nice day!