Rhythm guitarist available


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Hi guys.
male, 22 y/o guitarist here.
have been playing for 2 years and still consider myself pretty okay as i've never really had a chance to really play in a band. just jamming and sessioning here and there.

i play songs from bands like a7x, foo fighters, my chemical romance, paramore, sum 41, blink 182, green day, red hot chili peppers, nirvana, the ramones, the white stripes, misfits, rancid, the automatic, wednesday 13, flyleaf, lady gaga, led zeppelin, leathermouth, no doubt, joan jett, and system of a down, among many others.

my playing style is usually plenty of fast downstrokes (johnny ramone, anyone?) with some harmonics thrown in along with some insane tremolo picking attack. i've also done some livelooping (nothing too extensive)

i can play songs from the abovementioned bands but right now i'd prefer to play punk rock/ ska punk/pop rock. but i may be open to other genres BUT Jrock and anything else of the kind.
you can PM me here or sms me at
hi our band looking for guitarist
we use to play jrock but we open to all different kind of music
we now have drum bass vox and one guitar so hope u can try out and join^^