rhapsodia (loves jrock)


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hi.. can anyone tell me which instrument to learn?

i am in a dilemma.

i love drums, electric guitar and bass =x

my wish is to form a band in future :)

at e moment, i'm learnin drums on my own.

but becos i'm a girl, i was wondering if learning bass would be a better idea. it seems that there is a lack of good bassists? correct me if i'm wrong ><

however, guitar is more melodious.. but i don't quite enjoy playing classical guitar.

sorry if i offended anyone.

p.s. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. thanks!!
Seriously. If you like guitar just go for it, don't let your gender determine anything haha.
I don't really like acoustic guitar that much either. There are a lot of female bassist already =)

Bass is easier compared to guitar when you first start playing. If you like rhythms more than melody, than bass would be much more fun. I don't know much about drums.

I grew up with jrock too and guitar in jrock is always the most appealing =)