RG selection... OMG


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hi all...

there are many ibanez rg available around in SG... got what lo pro, edge, trs tremolo... hmm....

since i´m getting a rg soon, need info on which rg is suitable for me..

1st important pt..

> must have thin neck, aka wizard neck, my finger short baby..

>erm... a... arh... i need two humbucker should be enough.... i not greedy...

> hmm... five way switching capability... i´m greedy on this.. LOL

>> greedy too, need 24 fret... hahazzz

summary: i need this on my new RG...

so guys out there, plz if u free, inject some pointer on ibanez rg series to me... really appreciated it.. hehe.. many thanks..

most Ibanez RGs have the features you stated, it´s a matter of trying out as many as possible & deciding what´s best for you. good start would be the 2003 range, non of which feature a dud trem- unlike the TRS...
i think you missed out on a good deal at the Luther fair last Sunday- Prestige RG 2570 was going for $800...

thin neck doesn´t equate ease of playing. some people find thin necks lethargy inducing. i am equally comfortable with fat necks & skinny one, as long as the action is shreadable
Don´t be purely fooled by jus the models. Therez a difference between models made in Japan and those made in Korea. Japan mades are almost twice the price and their sound is really better.

Things to look out for when buying guitars:

Type of Fretboard wood

Fret Action

Number of Frets

Type of Bridge

Inclusion or non-inclusion of whammy

Type of pickups(humbuckers or single coils?)

Pickup selector options

All these influences the sound and are better pointers than trying to look for the artist that the guitar represents. Much of the sound that artist uses are already heavily coloured by effects, amps, production layers etc for u to simulate.
the koreans are much better this year, the company has bridged the gap with some refinements eg: Edge Pro II trem
What´s up?

Juz wanted to chip in that Japan and USA made guitars generally have better resale value if you ever wana sell it.