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hi. im looking for a gd unit to produce a big sound. does any1 haf any recommendations cos the only 3 brands i know of r electro harmonix, boss n dan electro. thanks :D
so r u looking for a rack unit or just a pedal?
TC.Electronics - G-Major, G-Force
Rocktron - Prophesy, Xpression
Alesis - Midiverb4, Microverb4
Boss - VF-1 - 1/2 RACK UNIT
Digitech - Quad Studio, Valve Fx etc
Yamaha - SPX2000
Lexicon - dedicated verb units and some modulation

just some others u might wanna look at.
or just go to like music123 and search for digital processors or signal processors. u'll get a better idea...:)
well. im not exactly sure whether to get a rack or whether to get a pedal cos i heard racks r better. thanks for de info. :D
from the sound of it, i presume ur gonna be using it for guitar? some questions u need to ask urself.

do u actually need studio quality reverb? (cost jusification)
do u intend to use it for gigs/rehearsal? (portability)
what application would u be using it for?

if ur running it for guitar, and plan it use it for jamming, etc, i dun see the point unless u already have a rack setup. if u also intend to use it for recording, do u have the hardware neccessary/need to use outboard gear.

if u intend to use it live, chances are no one in ur audience can tell if u're using a $5000 rack mounted unit or a $150 reverb pedal.

also rack units are not necesssarily always better. the purpose of racks is tidiness. "permenantly" mounted and patched. just happens that gear designed for studio use are rack mountable doesn't mean rack mounts units equate better pieces. e.g. behringer is passionately referred to as rack crap by many :)
btw do u haf any recommendations for reverb pedals cos i noticed that most of de racks prices r outta my financial reach. i only need it for gigs so i guess pedals would be more convenient.
some behringer stuff got pretty good reviews
REV2496 reverb rack got good feedback..and one of their rack compressors..forgot model is quite popular ..used by Bon Jovi(i think..or some other band)

heres an extract review from Sound on Sound mag:
Using the REV2496 is largely intuitive, and you only need to visit the manual when editing the more complex algorithms. The on-screen information is very clear and easy to navigate and again reminds me very much of the Behringer DDX3216 digital mixer, which turned out to be particularly user friendly. On a practical note, I still prefer effects boxes to have an input gain knob, but this is by no means the first unit of its kind to dispense with one.

Operating system aside, what really matters with a unit of this type is how well the reverb sounds work in a musical context. As claimed by the designers, the REV2496 does have a very dense, classy reverb sound, particularly when using the V-Verb algorithm, and there's enough editability to suit just about any application without the number of editable parameters getting silly. On the other hand, I don't feel the reverbs have the same depth or complexity as those of something like a Lexicon PCM91, and the ambience algorithms aren't nearly as authentic sounding to my ears. But put the REV2496 up against any mid-priced reverb processor and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, especially as the REV2496 costs significantly less. It certainly exhibits no serious vices, such as ringing or lack of density.

The Gold Plate algorithm, with its integral bank of delays is also surprisingly versatile — you can use it to create a fair emulation of a classic plate reverb, or to emphasise the delays to create a multi-head tape echo sound with a ice gloss of reverb on the top. Similarly, the delays are first rate, and having a tap-tempo facility for delay time setting, while not unusual, is incredibly useful and time saving. I found the modulation effects to be strong and confident sounding, with particularly nice stereo chorus effects on offer, and the phaser effects were also musical and strong.

Of course it's easy to forget that the REV2496 can also function as two high-quality reverb processors in one, which is an attractive proposition if you want to run a long vocal reverb and a short drum reverb at the same time. On balance, I'd say the rooms, concert halls, and plates show off the greatest strengths of this unit, whereas it handles smaller, more coloured-sounding spaces rather less convincingly. It's not that these smaller space emulations lack quality or smoothness, but I found them rather bland.

I'm not in the position to recommend a reverb pedal as I'm not exactly a pedal nut. Been using the same multi efx board for almost a decade, never really used any other pedals for reverb.

If u want cheap rack units, behringer is probably the cheapest for a new price, or alternatively one of those mini 1/3 rack sized alesis unit. But they still probably costs more than most economically priced pedals.

Anyway, I go agree that some behringer products are decent (before it stops working). But seriously, I would take their claims of endorsements from major artistes with an equally major pinch of salt. :)