Recordings of BOSS GT6 & Digitech GNX2 =)


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hey everyone!

my band (Moren Tea Estate) recorded sum of our originals during jammin, at soundmix studio the other day. im using my BOSS GT6 (yup, they're harder than tanks!) and my singer/rhythm guitarist is using his Digitech GNX2... we plugged those babies straight into the mixer. btw, we're both marshall slaves... as u can hear in the recordings! hahaa

aniwae, u can listen to those tracks here...
take a listen and tell me what u think yea :D

hmm .. well the songs are straightforward and quite catchy... though one thing i immediately felt was missing is " VOCAL HARMONY " ... the singer seems to be drowned out by the instruments...not volume wise... just that the single voice of the singer was not standing out enough at certain parts of the song... eg overdue? maybe the bassist or guitarist could help out abit in this dept.. you guys will sound MUCH MUCH better...
keep rockin guys.. .
btw say hi to firdaus for me...
i played with hm at smu ... some mugger funkers thingy... haha...
hey... gd point there man! actualli, we've been thinkin of that as well.. my bassist does sing in sum of our other songs tho but not in these recordings. txs aniwae!

haha.. yea, heard of the muggers funkers! ...funny band name there.