Recommend Me An Acoustic?


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Hi friends!!

Just wanna get recommendations for a good-value acoustic guitar... tone and playability is important... budget about $400-500... bonus if it's a semi-acoustic... thanks in advance!!! :wink:
try takamine? i used to own a takamine. bought it for $500. but i think davis doesn't take that model anymore. the cheapest is abot $600+. but it's value for money man =)

(i don't work for davis btw. hahaha)
JnD SNL series. i tell you, it's selling better than hotcakes.

solid top, semi acoustic, warm tone - at 300(some places 320).

it's a tad mellow for the mids, but overall IMHO it's the no.1 value for money semiacoustic / acoustic.
i have "Grand" guitar. Bought in davis some time back.
I must say, not bad at all for $300. It's like Ovation copy with rounded back.
Sounds good and feels good too on my hand.