Recommend good powered speakers for home


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Dear all,

Do u have any good sounding powered speakers or power amp+spkr to recommend for home jamming? What do u think of the Yamaha Stagepas300? My budget for is around 1k. So mackie SRM350 is out of the question.

Fyi, this system will be linked to my Soundcraft E8 mixer.
Instrument : Korg Triton LE, probably some guitar
Vocal Mic : Neuman KMS105, Shure Beta87A, Senn 1081 wireless
Reverb : TC Electronic M1 XL

As i mentioned earlier, this setup is mainly used for home gig and probably some karaoke sessions.. :lol: But hope to achieve those "concert-like sound". It will be placed in a small 3mx3m room.

Hope to get some advise from any gurus here. Thx in advance.. :wink:
Hi MadWereWolfBoy,

Thx for your reply.. Sorry for being vague, to put it simply, im looking for good sounding speakers thats is around my 1k budget.

Pls feel free to chip in any recommendation if u have come across some good sounding but yet affordable speakers. Let it be powered or passive. Or are there any Yamaha Stagepas300 user here who can shed some light about the sound quality??

Looking forward to more opinions.. Thx in advance..