recomend a guitar


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hey all, i'm currently looking for a fixed bridge guitar. i currently own one with a floyd rose, and am having lotsa fun with it, but i realized that a fixed bridge is what i need too. so well, any advice on choosing and recommendations. thanks guys.
the ibanez SZ320 is also a good choice for a fixed bridge guitar, although its a little more expensive than the RG321. yeah, read gear news 2005. subversion has got a lot of great reviews in there :D
Haha... I am planning to buy a Rg321... anyone can give advise on what to look out for? This being my second electric... the first time I bought an electric guitar, I knew nothing about guitars and it kinda feel being conned...
i goin to buy SZ320...really nice...the tone and the finish is great..check out gear review 2005 for more info
Yamaha AES series would be a good choice...I currently own an AES620...the tone on this baby is just god damn sweet and the sustain is drooling man!!
If you want more gain then consider a AES720...has dimarzio pickups on them...
i'd pick a gibson/epiphone over either one of them. but that's just because i like their necks more than 006 or Ibanez necks. that said, i'd go with Schecter's 006 over the ibanez. i like the majogany body and if you get one of the elite models or the terry corso signature model like what i used to have, they have flamed maple caps too (i think the elites have flamed maple caps). great build quality.