read before you buy.

Interesting article. :D

An eye opener, but how many of us can really withstand those temptations of a Gibson, PRS or Fender...
Some of the things he says have an element of truth such as the 'creaming' where stuff is deliberately overpriced to maintain a stature of exclusivity such as with a Louis Vuitton bag. No doubt some of that happens in the guitar market too.

But some of the stuff is just plain groundless ranting (I gave up after about a quarter of the article)


The reason why the first guitar amps were overdesigned with too much gain was to compensate for the pickups' low output.

What crap.

Paul Reed Smith and Bob Taylor haven't actually built a guitar in decades


Rock stars don't actually own the guitars and amps you seem them use on tour,


...of course, it could all be a joke which he disclaims at the end of the article, but I gave up caring after his 10th slanderous claim.
Yeah...i saw the Ed Roman quotes n links i decided to stop wasting my time....although i do agree on some points at the beginning :D
Except for handmade guitars, cheapo gtrs (indonesia/china/mexico) are pretty good and fair deal because 99% make by machines run by only 0.001% errors.

If they put quality materials pickups and hardware then these guitars would be same as USA.

my god $3500 for Japan Ibanez Jem !?! :twisted:
my god $1600 for Korea LTD by ESP ?!?! :evil:
my god $5000 for USA Fender Custom Shop ?!?! :roll: