R&B band looking for replacement drummer


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Hello all drummers,

My band consist of a singer, bassist, guitarist, saxophonist and keyboard player - all experience musicians, at least 2 years of performing including once or twice at the prominent venues. We play popular club R&B songs with small jazz flavourings such as unison lines, solos, and syncopated rhythms.

Right now, my band has one confirmed gig in 1st April and potentially two 80% confirmed gigs. It is only recently that my (very good) drummer had to pass the confirmed gig because he had a greater offer of playing in Taiwan during that dates. We do wish him all the best. As such, we are looking for a replacement drummer. Details are as follows:

1. Most importantly, you must have what it takes to play this blend of music (NOT rock or hit as hard as you can). Basically, if you can pull of similar to our hardest song, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEladMerXQM&feature=related, you'll be fine.

2. You don't have to play EXACTLY like the record, but at least play the hits and jabs at the important parts, (aka stop at '&' of 3, don't play snare during interlude). You will be given a written sheet of the music, with your parts roughly sketched out.

3. Can commit for 5 practice sessions, once a week, leading up to the gig in 1st April.

4. Ideally, 21 or above.

5. Preferably and due to the lack of time, you are ready to jam next week.

Should you satisfy the above and want to give our band a try, kindly email me at donny.lee@duke.edu or contact me at 90010161. Logistics wise, you'll be paid $50 for this one gig and transport can be given to and fro the jamming studio.

I'll be looking forward to hearing from any of you.

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