Pual....Guitar77 Fender Japan ENDORSER

....it's paul ponnudorai.

amazing guitarist and no less than a virtuoso. he's very much about percussiveness and inversions, a delight to listen to and a distraction if your intentions for stepping into harry's are to catch up or hook some chicks.
he's malaysian by nationality, but has indian heritage.

i would think it's 18 minimum to get into harry's.

so guys, kindly stop the twerp talk.
hostile said:
is there any age limit for harry's esplanade? would love to check out the live abnds there...

not sure..but you kiddies definately cant buy booze thats for sure lol..there's no real sorta "band" no rock music or anything heavy..mostly relaxing jazzy stuff involving like 1 performer? lol..i dont think given the small performance area they could fit in a band.
Pual will be doing lots of shows and Clinic for you guys in the future...
Will post you guys if anything happening....
Should be doing 1 with James in near future...see how things gooooes.....


BTW me going back reserivist...427SAR here i come to save the day...
See you guys soon mid sept..kaka :p