PRS guitar prices in S'pore


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I'm from KL and was wondering how much Tremonti SEs and Santana SEs go for in Singapore.

I've done some research online and the only "official dealer" I can find in Singapore is some place called Davis. Is this the only place to get PRS axes?

And would anyone know if hand-carrying a guitar on a plane is a problem?

Thanks in advance! 8)
Hmm well on plane is ok, if you're going back to KL with a PRS from Singapore still okay. If you're going to some cold countries the neck may warp i guess. Climate change.

Yeah Davis is the only shop which sells PRS. PRS Santana SE is at $900+ i think. Or near there. No idea for the Tremonti SE one though.
yup, Davis is the PRS dealer here. maybe i can assist in the purchase of your guitar?

are you in a hurry? if you aren't i suggest you take a coach home to avoid security related issues at the airport.
"suggest you take a coach home"

I think this is good advice, my wife was recently stopped at the gate from bringing a custom shop gibson cs336 as carry on comming back from the US. Better to be safe than sorry.

fyi, you can also look into the 2nd hand market ....

I have no relationship with these sales but thought you may wish to know that there are ads for a Termonti SE and Santana SE in the last few days.


Date posted : 11 September 2004
Selling my Paul Reed Smith Santana SE. Still in very good condition, comes with original PRS gig bag. Hoping to fetch $700 for it. Do send me your offers. Trades for other guitar stuffs are welcomed. Cheers

Date posted : 11 September 2004
I've got a jet black PRS Tremonti SE for sale. Parts are all stock. It's less than a year old, and is in brand new condition except for some pick marks. Please email me your offer, if you are interested. We could arrange for a viewing. Thanks.
It's written all over the PRS site when you click to view the singlecuts. Didn't specify who sued them but all fingers point to gibson.
gibson sued PRS, old news... case under appeal.

btw, PRS singlecuts will continue to be on sale outside U.S. as the ruling is effective within jurisdiction, meaning the courts cannot enforce the law in areas not within their powers... however, these are remainder stocks, the company isn't making any new units until the case is finalised.

i have really scary stories with regards to security issues concerning lugging guitars to airports. i do not wish to share them here because internal security might deem me a participant of a terror network... :lol: airport security has disrespect for prized musical instruments, to them these are just luggage, they'll handle guitars just like any other airport luggage, tossing & opening guitar cases if the need arises. before the airport security retorts & flame me here, i must say that we understand what you are doing, but we don't like it for whatever reasons. we have other means to carry our guitars home if you don't already know...

there's a non-stop coach which you can take from s'pore to KL, it'll get you there 2hrs faster than the ones which make pit stops. it's a double decker coach so you can practice your guitar chops upstairs until you reach KL... 8)
thanks for all the replies! This is a great forum.

Anyway, barely 8 hours after posting my question, my girlfriend showed up at my place on saturday with a brand new black Tremonti SE! God, she's wonderful.

I must say that prices for these guitars are about 30-40% less than what they go for here in KL...

Thanks again for all the help!
For custom 22-24 its roughly 4000sgd, depending on options, such as 10 top flame, quilt top, pickups etc,.. its a very customizable guitar n once u order its roughly 3 mths waiting time, n u pan half as down payment
As far as I know, Mahogany is the only authorised PRS dealer in M'sia. Judging from the responses from this post, the guitars are a lot cheaper in S'pore.