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With the help of many expert here, I finally got myselft a electric guitar. thanks guys.....But I am having problem to do a full bending on the 13note of the 1st string (trying to play "soilder of fortune" :lol: ). No matter how hard I bend it just don't go to the full note. The best it go is half. I suppose it is due to the guitar? (I don't remeber having this problem in class) Anything that I can do to improve on my guitar?
'Bendability' is related to the string gauge (lighter easier) and setup of the guitar. If you set the action (height of the strings above the fretboard ) lower, then the tension on the string is lower and hence easier to bend. Try lower in the action or changing to a lighter gauge.


hi hackernox, do you mean you can bend the string fully but the note dies out halfway?If that's the case, higher action is needed. Or if the string simply feels too tight to bend, then lower action is needed.
Hi guys thanks for the help. :)

I think my problem is the string is too tight as such I can't push and deeper.

can anyone tell me where is the string gauge? :oops:
Hard to tell the gauge without the string package. If those are the strings that came with the guitar, it should be .09 or .10 which is fine for bending. If you're not sure, just get a new set of .09s. But I would try lowering the action first like what mudmechanic just said.

Action of 1.5mm between the 1st string and the 12th fret is definitely low enough for bending, just watch for loss in sustain, that means the action is too low.
an alternative to bending is of course whammy manipulation... i don't bend much, microtonal bends mostly...
hackernox said:
Anything that I can do to improve on my guitar?

Use lighter gauge and lower the action. It should help you bend more easily. Remember to use two finger to bend the strings instead of one. Using two fingers, you'll get more support and strenght bending.
Sliding don't sounds right (anyway the book says "full bend" :)).

Yes, I am using 2 fingers and it is almost cutting through to my bone already :cry: . but it just did not reach that note.

How do I lower the profile. There are just so many screws around. My guitar is a SG.
yeah, sliding down might not sound too good, but a full bend is equal to bending the note up to approximately 2 frets(theres lotsa ways to get around, dunt be too fix on what the book write). Although it might not be too good, it shud be better than trying to bend and cant reach the required note.

To lower down the action, you will have to adjust the height of the tunomatic bridge, string saddle and some truss rod adjustment(might have to). If these sound unfamiliar to you, maybe you can bring the guitar to someone who know how to setup the guitar. Just tell them that you like to lower down the action.

If you want to try it yourself, there shud be instructions available on net regarding the setting up of guitar, inclding action and intonation adjustment etc...
I don't think there's any problem with your guitar. Cause you are bending the F to a G on the 1st string and usually people have problem only on the bass strings. I guess you are a beginner and bending to the desire note requires a lot of ear training. Just practice and practice and you'll get there.
though I am a beginer in Electric but I am quite good with my ears. :) . It is really the problem of my Guitar that I can't bend. I guess I will have to try to lower the thumbwheel first as fishtank mentioned. (Not sure is the thing that I see is what you meant as thumbwheel, May god have mercy with my guitar. :p).

Hope I don't come back to plead for more help :lol: