SOLD Price Drop: UAD Apollo Twin X Quad

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Condition: 10/10 (only out of box for registration). As good as new, bought from Sinamex on the 19th of Nov 2020.

Selling @ $1800, my lost is your gain. Have to sell to get an audio interface that works with my iMac.

- Will transfer licence + Music maker bundle to you.


Also selling my new 2m thunderbolt 2 cable @$50 (org $59) and TB3-TB2 adaptor @ $55(org $65).

I was excited to start using the Apollo Twin X. Unfortunately once I registered my device on my iMac it seemed that my thunderbolt connection stopped working. The Twin X is able to connect to all my other apple devices, but not my iMac that I use for music production.

Whatsapp at Nine75zero966three

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