SOLD Price drop: Project Bass Parts + Seymour Duncan Antiquity 2 Pbass pup

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From my last post:

Next up is a fretless neck of a Jazz Bass. Pulled out from a 90s craftsman Jazz Bass. Defretted it as a project to make a fretless jazz a while back. Just got a new fretless bass but i still wanna keep the body hence selling the neck. Neck was defretted cleanly, stuffed with wood fillers, and applied 10 coats of satin polyurethane finish to protect the neck surface against roundwounds. Sanded and adjusted perfectly flat to get a nice low action on my fretless. Great of players who wants to try fretless but do not want to defret/buy a new fretless. Although its a perfect playable neck, its still from craftsman therefore selling at $80. $50

Lastly, i have a preamp/pickup set from a Ray34CA from SBMM, pulled it out for a nord mm pup and a OBP-3 for my bass. 2 band EQ set in a classic stingray sound, pickup is standard MM 4 string type. Going for $150 $100
Sorry, forgotten to take a photo. but it just looks like a preamp.. almost as big as a standard MM control cavity.

In addition, I'm adding a Seymour Duncans Antiquity 2 Pbass pickup. Going for $50

PM me if interested
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