Premier drumset any good?

Re: Premier

Used to be a UK made. Then US made.. now i think it's Taiwan made *don quote me, might be wrong*. Some of the higher ends model you might find are of an equvalent to Tama Starclassic. Tried it once, can't remember the model, for was awesome. When I free, I ask my engineer again, then I let u know that model. :)
I saw virgil donati using premier drumset on one of steve vai's concerts!
supposed to be one of the better brands which is outshine by household drum brands like pearl and tama.
a bit of info about Premier drums. They're as good as any other drums like Pearl, Tama etc.. Yamaha bought over Premier drum company back in early 70s and now they're on their own but their drums still follows Yamaha standard. Currently, Accent Music brings in Premier drums and percussion.
Premier is more comparable to Ludwig-Musser rather than Tama or Pearl. These 2 brands (and Gretsch) used to be the percussion bread and butter of old-school 70's rock. Keith Moon from The Who used a custom Premier Kit called Pictures of Lily which is currently being reissued by Premier.