powering up multi pedals


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Hey peeps, anyone knows what and where to get for powering several pedals at the same time,

besides the costly voodoolabs pedal power and the conventional adapter and daisy chain connection, is there any alternative and cheap way?
There is another alternative, get a tech, pay him to build you own customed pedal power supply. I do believe that there is a tech guy over at wakemeupmusic that can do that.

To have a customed pedal power supply other that the dc chain or adaptor is not going to be cheap. In the range of $100++ to $200+ or
maybe even more depending on the features that you like to have

If most of the pedals are boss style, best way is still the DC chain and adaptor. Save $.
Okay....then is it possible or dangerous to link up several daisy chains to a single adapter and powering up like about 10 pedals? anyone tried that?
1 adaptor to 10 pedals too much. The adaptor might not take it. Best is 1 adaptor to about 5 pedals. So 2 adaptors can be the way


Include a boss noise supressor(ns-2) in the chain of effect. The noise supressor got 2 jacks on the pedal itself. One is for the power supply to the pedal itself and the other, with a DC chain cable connect to it, is able to power up other pedals. Besides the noise supressor, there should be some other pedal which has this function too.
I'll let all you guitarists in on a little secret I just found out :D

Godlyke has this new power supply thing, you can check it out on their website www.godlyke.com the only problem is, there doesn't seem to be any Godlyke dealers nearby, so we'll all definately need to order it online.
Hi all,

MISSE Electronics has brought in Visual Sound's 1Spot where u can power up multiple pedals.. n it's probably the cheapest u can find anywhere.. u can use it for EH, proco, line 6, boss, digitech etc etc..

read more at www.visualsound.net
n check out our site.. the pricing are all there!!..
Oooh that 1Spot does look pretty cool. I think it's got the same concept as the Godlyke one.

On a seperate note, mrmisse, are you gonna get the new VS J&H? I'm not too keen on the old one, but I hear the new red one is da bomb.
yap.. it's here in Singapore actually.. all the new stock.. blood red jekylls w all the new features.. even the route 66 n h2O are new stock.. call me if u wanna try..

i have tried the 1spot n shit.. it's the real deal.. n it costs so little.. haha.. the reason i brought them in is becoz i want them too!!.. :twisted:
Ahahah! I wanna try... ooh, i really wanna try. But I'm not in singapore! I'm only going to be back at the end of the year... I hope you'll still have some in stock.

Good on you for dealing VS products.
well i brought in quite a few Jekylls.. 10 in fact.. come n lay ur hands on them.. throw me an email or call me.. thanks!!
i'll try to update twice a week..

please provide any suggestions or comments or send me any pictures of ur pedals or even suggest pedals to be brought in.. thanks..
I've been using the 1 Spot for about a year.

Its served me quite well especially when combined with a daisy chain.

Whats nice is that it handles both 120v and 240v, so the one I bought from US could be used locally.

More importantly, it can power up to 1000mA of pedal load.

As a gauge, I figure most avg pedals are in the range of 100-200mA except delays which guzzle up more power than the avg stompboxe.

For a estimate on your power needs, have a look below your pedals to find out its power requirement.
thanks for the publicity..

yeah.. it can take up to 1000mA.. as for VS H2O (chorus/echo), it only takes about 50mA.. got to go n check how much exactly but it's definitely 2 digits.. so it depends.. u could even squeeze in 10 - 15 pedals depending on the pedals themselves.. pretty cool for the price..
brought the 1Spot n Route 66 to this uncle's house to let him try out the stuff last friday.. Man.. he's got some good stuff.. Chicago Iron's Octavia, Bad Boy compressor, Roger Mayer Octavia, Zvex Super Hard On, J Everman Fuzz, Maxon 808, Ampeg scrambler, Robotalk, Demeter tremulator etc.. n he was using a SKB power supply pedalboard which he complains..

and after playing around w his effects with the 1Spot.. he was happy that there was no more hums.. and another good thing about the 1Spot is that you can power pedals like Electro Harmonix, Proco, Demeter, Line6 etc and even pedals without the DC outlet like Vox Wahs because there's the battery converter.. the down side of this adaptor is that it can only power 9v pedals..
actually any well regulated wallwart (transformer) that spits out 9v would do its job. I use a newstar one that is ic-regulated," specially designed for md/cd players." 1000mA

I think distortion pedals draw less than 10mA, while digital pedals draw perhaps about 35-50mA.

thus 1000mA is really more than enough...... 500mA is too...

some in zvex's site, i think it says that SHO or FF or something draws only 3mA.

yah.. going to his place again to let him try my big muff.. n his friend is selling a Lexicon Rack, can't remember which model.. according to him, is the best kept secret!! anybody interested can come along..

didn't know there are pedals that draws only 3mA.. amazing..