Pedals for sale all must go!!!


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Hi All,

I have decided to stop playing electric guitar and hence recently I just sold off my electric guitar and hence I am also selling off all my gear with it as well. I am unable to commit to playing electric guitar anymore due to work commitments. Would hope that these pedals would find a better owner who can put them into good use. All pedals are in good working condition. There are some slight paint chips off the pedals but all in all the pedals are well maintained by me.

I have the following pedals for sale including the board:

Dunlop GCB-95 Crybaby Wah (Box included) - $105
BOSS DD-3 Delay (Box included) - $100
Shark Boostzilla Booster/Distortion (box included) - $60
Digitech Bad Monkey Tube Overdrive - $95
Sub Decay BlackStar Distortion - $130
PedalTrain JR inclusive of soft case - $100
GodLike Power Adapter - $20

price are nego but lowballers stay clear. not looking for any trades. For sound demo of the pedals, you can go to youtube and search for the pedals and you will be able to find a demo on the pedal tone and sound. if interested or for more information, please contact me at 9010 five nine one six. Thanks! Cheers!:p