Pearl Sensitone Steel Snare 14"x 5.5"


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I played some of 14x5.5" steel snare previously when everytime i go to perform at a new pub. each time i will swith back to my Ian Paice Steel Snare which is 6.5" depth, which give projective and solid sound with less overtone.

This sensitone has the same problem too with its stock head, so i just try to use some thicker head, and i have an Evan Onyx 2ply head, and i think this is more than enough to eliminate the overtone.

Yes i got it, the sound not very ringy like before, i would say, this sensitone is just value for that price range.
but still, a distance between Ian Paice Snare and this. Anyway, if you are looking for cheap snare, may consider this.