Pearl Omar Hakim Signature Snare


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I always do not like those small snare like piccolo or effect snare.
And I wonder why people like Omar Hakim Snare, I saw my friend bought an Omar Hakim, what i thought in my mind: "man, why he buy such small shallow snare, picolo sound, i will never get this"

I have a change to tried out the snare last year, still , feel the snare is too flat, no singing at all.

Last month, just for fun, i exchange my snare with my friend's omar hakim, and with knowledge and some research on the type of heads, and tuning, i replace the snare with thinner head, G1 coated, and hazy 300. Man, it sounds amazing, when i tune it tight, it just like joey jordison sounding, which is very thight and cutting, but the tone is dark and warm. Then i try to loosen abit on the batter head, the snare became a fatter tone snare which is suitable for contemporary music style, I never expect that 13"x 5" little bird like this sings so nice and so powerful.
And I am goin to use it tonight in a wedding show.
So excited.