patch cable


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any patch cable is worth buying....i wanna connect my dist pedal to my eq pedal with gd patch cable.....any1 hav any idea which brand is gd?
excel sports got sell those... 5 for $7 i tihnk... those multi coloured ones...
im using those now.. no money to buy the branded ones.. one for $6 i tihnk.
George L is considered one of the better ones. About 12 bucks each at Wake me up music.
Actually, the quality of cables you use will only matter if you need extremely long cables, like say 10m or more. Signal attenuation is mild in patch cables which is abt 6 inches only.

SO, like Chanmin says, just get the cheap patch cables. Save the money for your main guitar cable, which is much longer than your patch and hence more likely to influence your signal quality.
I purchased Klotz cables from Mr Misse awhile back.

Klotz cables are the most transparent cables I've heard so far.

They cost a little more but I've had no problem paying for the improvement in tone.

The cheapest equipement upgrade I've had in the last 5 years .... :partyman: