Parts On a Les Paul


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Hi, can any of you guys tell me what are the parts A and B for?

What are they called? Will bad adjustment of part A causes serious problems?

If I'm going to adjust the action, which part shall I adjust?

Where is the Truss Rod on a Les Paul?


Thanks = )
only do it yourself if you really know how to . if its inaccurate, it may cause fret buzzing. that may be a problem alr.
Yup that's right,
A is for intonation.
B is for bridge height.

to adjust the action, loosen the strings (or remove them completely) so that you can raise or lower the bridge. you can lower the bridge by turning the thumbscrew B.

nothing too difficult that you should be afraid of trying, definitely can be done by a newbie. :)
string saddle movements/ adjustments (part A) are necessary only if the notes after the 12th fret (tuning) are off, after you've tuned your guitar. there're plenty of references online should you decide to embark on this rectification. don't worry, adjustments to A & B won't render your guitar out of order should anything goes amiss.

refer to the pic below, the truss rod tip of an LP type guitar is beneath the bell-like cover immediately after the nut. adjust your truss rod only if you know what you are doing, otherwise, refer to an experienced/ knowledgeable person.


**just a reminder- such technical discussions are to be addressed over at the 'How To' thread 8)
Wow that was helpful !

Alright, I got it, thanks brothers !
I didnt post my topic on 'How-to' because I thought this is something to do with Gears and stuff ...

Thanks anyway !!