Painting pickguards


New member
Hi there.

Anyone has any experience of painting pickguards? I have a white one and I thought of changing it to black. Its a hassle trying to get left handed pickups!

Do I need to sand down the base? (if any?).

Do i need a clear coat to prevent the sprayed paint from coming off later on? What kind of clear coat do I need?
Not sure about the clear coat, I got a friend who sprayed his bass, the paint doesent seem to come off. Guess any clear coat would work, but it really shoulden't be nessesary. Just give it ample time to dry (overnight). Should be fine.

but try to rethink before u spray.
something might go wrong.. and then the whole thing looks like shit.

i suggest try finding slowly ask around where to buy left handed pick guards. spraying might spoil. i dunno, its ur call.