Ovation Guitar: Need help...


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I own a Ovation...

Some of the strings when played openly/fretted gives a buzzing sound. I am sure it is not the strings hitting the frets. What could be the reason? I know it's neck has a rod in it... Can we tune it ourself?

I think that its better if let a pro to fix the problem for u.

u don't wanna mess wif the truss rod cuz if u screw that up u might not be able to correct it. as for the buzzing it could be caused by something that's loose and is vibrating around. maybe u can try locating the source of the buzz first.
Hi, thx... I checked for damn long alr... I din bring it for service cos I went overseas for quite a few months... It also seems to be that it could be something rattling or went loose inside the neck..

Well, i gues I will bring to CM for them to check it out...
if its not strings hitting, and it only buzzes at a certain range of frequencies, it may be loose bracings inside ur guitar...

yeah bring it to a tech to fix it... cuz its quite complicated... gotta chck which piece of wood is loose and glue it back..