OM : self improv. project

i kinda liked your guitar tone....but it just me or are you playing a different key from the backing track? some parts it fits but some parts it seems a little like not in the same key...
cheers's not in key. Siva, the backing is in G#. But I'm sure u have the skills to improvise. Post again ok? :)
haha.. i improvise ah .. no key 1 leh ... my improvisation is fully erm .. just whack .haha

how to apply the knowledge of a songs key .. to my improvisation ?
Hmm for a start, do you know scale patterns? Know a couple of them (just start with 2-3 patterns first) and u can apply them to any key, all over the fretboard. Online sources can be found everywhere. It's always good to know the basic "rules" of improvising, before breaking them. :)
hai .. looks like its a big disaster .. dun worry ,,

i will surely learn the art of improvising and will post this again !!