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Do we release "ONE MORE MOMENT" ?

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Hello here!
Hey, Levan here from Ronin
Anyway the band has just recorded a studio demo of a newly written song
And we were wondering if it might be the next single after Black Maria
It's a step in a different direction for the band.

It's a song about love, losing the one you love, but being optimistic about fate bringing you back together into their arms. When hope is thin and faith is fragile, we hope this is a song that will help people pull through and be strong, and beleive in the destiny of a true love.

This song is open for free distribution. Recorded live at Power98 studios with DJ Mario. I wanted to post it in the Open Mic section, but that place was kinda ulul :) Sorry james!

We'd really like your opinion on this new song. Should we release it as should we not? And no, this is not a step towards mellowing out :)

Download the song:

Don’t take too long to say
I love you to the ones you love
Cause time has a habit of slipping away

And out on a clear blue sky
When lightning strikes on a sunny day
Just take me in and keep me from the rain

And the words that seem so hard so say
Come out when you’ve gone away
Just stay a little while and hear me say

That I want you here tonight
And I need you by my side
For just one more moment
For just one more moment with you

Turn away to say goodbye
With each and every word that passes by
Like a distant memory

And time keeps slipping away
And time will turn to grey
And time will be the one who holds you down

And the words that seem so hard so say
Come out when you’ve gone away
Just stay a little while and hear me say


Sometimes time will treat you bad
Before you even know what’s wrong
And in the end it hits you hard
Please tell me you’ll be strong

Na na na na na


Thank you guys for downloading the song and hopefully enjoying it!
It's a cello playing in the background, together with an acoustic guitar.
hope to hear the results soon!

Levan Wee
release it, but after revolution.

you need to make ronin's main image/sound clear first before you start to divert
why not why not? shows the other side of ronin. It's a really nice song, i'm sure there will be lotsa people delicating to their love ones. :) Anyway i have been listening to that song for like dunno how many times, and i'm not sick of it.
yeah but you see, the public hasn't seen the real side of ronin yet =P

so those who never listened to them except on radio might assume that they're some ballady-band
why not ??

it's sweet and nice..

aren't there so many great metal bands have their sweet acoustic songs?

like Mr. big- to be with u
GNR - patience
extreme - more than words

release release!!

this song reminds me my each love..nice! i like it!!

forgive my sux typing..i just get up..headache...
The fact that you consider GnR and Extreme metal bands scares me... 8O


I agree with visa. At present the word on the street is that Ronin's another "GnR wannabe ballad band" (quoting a group of musical nitwits on the MRT, no offence guys).

It would do be good to release something heavier and shut these radio-music "authorities" up before releasing One More Moment.

On a side note, it's an abso-fucking-lutely good song. The track's labelled improvised jam. Was it? :p
PrinceFish said:
why not ??

it's sweet and nice..

aren't there so many great metal bands have their sweet acoustic songs?

Mr. Big, GnR and Extreme are all not metal bands ^^".

And all of them released their sweet acoustic songs AFTER they established their sound and image as hard rock bands. You know what I mean?
thats a nice song, like a less poppy boy band(boy band always have those typical drum beats), reminds me of bands like Travis...etc. Anyway, i agree that maybe you guys should just keep it for the new album rather than release as single. Get that fierce hard rock image established firmly first, using songs like Revolution, Do What Thou Wilt...etc. Even GnR, they established an image of a fierce hard rock band initially, only later then they show their softer side. Thats how i feel...:)

Cos i know some friends....who....claim....that they don't look down on Ronin all because they are local....but i their...heart...they do....cos...they refuse to buy "Do Or Die"...they have...the stupid old fashioned mentality that...we...are...a...lower race...than ang mohs...who...will respect u...if..u look...down...on...your...own....people? :roll:
the song is great...
but yeah, some new listener who at first heard revolution might think, wtf?
other than that, i'd say the song is really nice.
not my type of song, but its nice. :D
i'll go with yes.

my opinion is that it's pretty stripped down and still in the process of working out... so it might not sound that impressive.
just wanna say the song is great! :D

i like it, but i wouldnt say to release it as a single. projects kinda the wrong image.
maybe, later. :)
Theres nothing to will definitely do well on the radio stations. Or get mediacorp to use it as the theme song for one of their romance dramas.

Obviously image isnt so important to ronin, if it was for image they wouldnt had made it so far. i say they do whatever they want with the song.
something abt diz song

!!!what the heck is this song doing here man?!!!it deserves more den diz..diz song is rad man...hope u guys will make it big man..den we can have better music in our lives..rather den the thrashy music we here on the radio..AWESOME!
awesome. thank you so much this song just inspired me to write a song for christmas :D

but also, i agree that this song should be release after 'revolution'.