OM: my happy slide song


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hi ladies and gentlemen,

this is my attempt at playing slide. after non stop diet of derek trucks and nusrat fateh ali (qawalli singer), i decided to pay tribute to them. (waaahhhhhh...!!!) i tried to make it sound like classical indian music singing (unlike nusrat's). and i demoed it to a indian friend of mine. we ended up laughing non stop. i guess i failed big time!

take a listen tho, you can hear all the bum notes, intonation problems, out-of-tune playing and all the dirty stuff... i sum up this song as my "HAPPY SONG".
let me be the first one to reply and comment :p VERY NICE ELECTRONIC BACKING you made it yrself? and that guitar thingy damn.... its very cool how did u do it? dive bomb? or just using the metal slide thingy? and is this an original? yea indeed it does sound indian kekee.... what software do u use for yr recordings????
damn i like it so much i had to add a second note.... very tastefully done... this one is staying on my pc!!!
hahahhhhahahhha! thnx for ur comments and thanx for listening! hehehehhhehhe... i especially liked this:

sounds like some lousy burglar trying his luck and having a bad day.

hehehhhhe... ok EvilGtr, i used a slide actually, a rusty brass slide! not using the whammy, coz i was using a maple neck strat then. abt the backing track, i programmed the drums and let it loop non-stop. the bass is actually played, but i did the guitar 1st before i did the bass. i used a zoom mr1044 digital recorder, so no programmes. and yes this is an original piece... glad u can hear the "indian styley".

to hifi_killer, i didn't usen ope tuning, it was done in standard! hehehehhhee... and yes, i did find it repetitive too. its just the flow i had then...

and turbochicken, i really loved ur comment. hehehehhhehehh...

thnx guys for ur comments. and thnx for taking the time to listen too...