OM: BlackMoo, crying on guitar


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By the time you SOFTies read this, I would have already left the country. Wont be back till June 26. Something important overseas. Since I will be leaving the country ALONE for a few weeks, I was depressed and decided to play my ax. And this is whats come out of it. Rather quick work (made in less than a day because I had to depart the following day.)

My very first song :D. On the slowrock backing. Hope you guys like it. Feel free to post comments.Imagine a cow crying in the song. And if you listen carefully, you can hear MOOO and MOOOOO here and there. Well thats all.

Will further improve the song once I get back. Till then SOFTies.

Do repost if the link expires.

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wow moo, for a 'happy-go-lucky' moo who cracks jokes all the time, you sure are one very 'chim' (deep) moo in your music dude!! :smt104
this is one of the most interesting OMs i have heard here. i personally like it very much, though hearing it does give me goose bumps in a scary way :smt105 it sounds so dark also, with the mooing behind the background, at some point it reminds of a dark horse (like the headless horseman's kind neighing in the deep of the nite). the tone seems a teeny weeny bit off though, i don't know if you meant it to be! but i understand you rushed this OM before you leave, so it's already a treat to hear it la! all the best to your mission moo! come back quick ok and don't you dare feel depressed when you can play like this? :wink:
Hey Blackmoo,don't be sad.Where u go to huh?ur guitar playing makes my goosebump jump la bro.Hahahaha :lol:
i hear your sorrows my friend...its almost experimental, ambient stuff in the beginning few bars. but interesting sounds interspersed throughout. cheers
Thanks for the kind words guys. I'm resting now after an intense session of revision. I'm in the University of Malaya now. Don't ask how I got here :D. Will be back in Singapore come June 26.

As for the song, it was purely experimental, as fibredrive pointed out, as its my first song. I will complete the entire 4 minute backing when I get back.

Also, the backing track was posted somewhere in this forum. Not entirely sure, but it was called "Slowrock SOFT Jam" or something like that.

Personally I think my song doesen't match the standards of the other OMs up here. But oh well . Will come back to check some other time. I'd better get going before the Professor comes back ;).