OM: Acoustic blues

Damn man ~!

Dude .. izzat you ???

the 1st song "No Redemption" reminds me of Muddy Waters ...
The slow blues is the best blues ~
Freak ~! i mean ,.... all ur songs are great ~!

DAmn man ... dat's wat i was toking abt in the other thread ~!

Dude, you got an album or something ???
can i buy ???
would you mind if i ask if you tab or have chord charts for ur songs ??
i dun wanna copy .. just .... wanna learn from you ~
wooo hooo! nice stuff dude! sure love ur last song '3 times baby'. sure glad i took the time to listen. i highly recommend this to everyone out there who loves or is interested in the blues. good stuff!

btw, what tuning do u use for ur songs? just curious... n what is that dobro u have there?
Hey dudes, thanks for the kind words!

nebo: I'm nowhere close to having an album of any sort, that stuff on Soundclick is about the closest there is. I don't really have any charts or tabs of any sort, in fact if you ask me to play it again it probably won't be the same notes. Chordswise, most of them are 12 bar progressions. I'll post some of the learning stuff in the other thread. And also, there's nothing wrong with copying, in fact that's the first crucial step in learning. I got most of my stuff from someone else too, just that I put my own stamp on it to differentiate.

echoist: I'm using standard tuning, open G (DADGBE) and open D (DADF#AD). On those recordings I don't think all of them are tuned exactly to the notes, just in relative pitch. You can get other open tunings by transposing those 2 up or down. I'm using a National Style-O resonator on some tracks, and some beat-up acoustic on the others.

Ian: Hey man, you aren't any older than I am! Long time no see since the last time at Timbre. For the rest of you here, Ian plays some mean funky blues on keys man.

really good... i knoe pp who can play like tt.. but its rare to have someone who can sing and play so nicely... sweet
oh gosh... those are some cool cool stuffs.. Reminds me of bull fighting. hahahaha. cool.. i love those catchy catchy tune.
Thanks dudes and dudettes! I know it's not the usual stuff that gets posted here but glad you all still like it...

popeye: Yeap you have to join, but it's free and there's lots of other bands in other categories you can check out. You might want to put up some of your own stuff too.