well, you could practice more? seriously, practice. if you have a piano, play a note and sing that, or on a guitar. you could get one of those tuners like i have, which have metronome functions and stuff and which also have a mic. that way you could play the note, know what note it is, and try to sing that note. that may help, alternatively you could go for vocal lessons. :wink:
the best thing to do is go for vocal lessons as the instructor can not only spot ur mistakes, they can also correct them on the spot, preventing u from developing any bad habits.
you can change a person form being tone- deaf...

Takes a lot of effort btw...

but go to a vocal teacher, or see if any of us here willing to teach... i can but depends on timing... hahaa
unless someone tells them. i got a couple of tone deaf friends and they keep thinking that they are in key, when they are obviously not. =/
Singing Off Key

Dun be discouraged! Give you an example, I know someone who used to be tone-deaf. But she practices very hard and her effort has paid off. Now, she is able to sing confidently and well, sometimes the pitch still floats, but still, she has showed improvements.

So the key word is "practice" "practice" and "practice". For those with tone-deaf, you can't hear the tone while you sing, you need to record it down and play it and identify the parts that went wrong and work on it.

All the best to you!

Carina (liqing)
Vocal Instructor
I think to admend your off-key mistakes, the best ways is to record your jam session into MD or laptop...
Listen to the song carefully, keep in mind the highs and the lows, sing a few times, record, listen to it, trying correcting your mistakes, sing and record again. Best yet, do it with a friend so that your friend can point out your mistakes while listening to your recording.

im new here, just reading some of your messages. Im a vocal coach , just wanted to put my two cents worth abt this topic abt being off key when singing....
the suggestions given by all of you are quite good ..when it concerns pitching, the singer really needs to learn and practice your scales(major, minor etc..) The ears need to be "trained" to hear the different notes and ultimately visualize them in your mind, then you'll be able to , in time, sing in pitch better or know yourself if youre going off key .
Hope this helps a little.
do not raise the vol until too high when you want to play that song to sing...
instead tune the vol as low as possible and sing....

then switch off the audio, and sing solo for that song.....or

Record your voice in a handphone or any recording device, then listen, or can ask someone to listen, usually if you have someone that's next to you to listen to your voice, he/she can tell, one cannot tell his voice quality whether it's off/on unless he/she is an expert/long-trained singer.
Remembering the melodies from songs are only good if your band plays in the same key as the song. If they tune down or capo the guitar, then you'll have to learn how to adapt - which is to listen to the guitars (and of course your own voice).

The whole process is quite technical, so I'll leave it to some one else who is more experienced in this area to elaborate. Plus, my head hurts.