Noise from Amp


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Hi thanxx 4 lookin at my msg..Im worried bout my amp..or guitar..juz got it u amp makes a funny noise when i increase the contour & treble..izzit suppose 2 be dat way cuz i cant seem to have a clear sound dat i want wen i increase those izzit my amp..or my guitar..or izzit suppose 2 be dat way cuz when i hold my strings of my guitar it doznt make dat irritating sound..but wen i let it go..again it goes..hope u guys can amateur player needing help..again thanxx..
Its the grounding or earthing of the amplifier. Its usually the case that your amp uses the 2 PIN plug. You cannot completely get rid of the humming sound but you can reduce it significantly. There are other means of noise contributing factors, like if you are using single coiled pickups, buzz from your distortion/overdrive pedals, or even your computer screen's radiation picked up by your pickups.

If the power cable of your amp can be detached by means of pulling out from the socket of the AMP , things is gonna be easy. Just go to any hardware store, get a 3 pin plug/cable and plug it in.

If your power cable is not detachable, you have to do a little work. Get a 3 pin plug head. Cut your old 2 pin plug away, leaving some internal wires exposed, there are 3 wires inside. The green one is supposedly the earth wire, the blue one neutral and the brown live. Wire it to the plug head according to the pins, get some help if needed.

That should take away a noticeable amount of humming noise. The idea behind the whole thing is to ground the amp, which explains why when you touch the guitar strings, the noise goes away. In actual fact you are just momentarily earthing the whole thing.